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You depend on electricity for nearly everything important in your home - heating and cooling, entertainment, communication, cooking, and more. Now, more than ever, you need sufficient and reliable electricity that Affordable Electric enables.

A Wide Range of Electrical Contractor Services and Repairs

We'll make sure your house is up to its job

If you live in an old home, its wiring is just fine to power a few lamps, a TV, a radio, and critical kitchen appliances. But now that you're running computers, using a home theater, and charging smartphones, your home may need a better power supply.

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As the World Moves Faster,

Bring Your Home Up to Speed

  • Kitchen wiring

  • Bathroom wiring

  • Light fixture installation and repair

  • Fuse box repair and replacement

  • 100, 150, and 200 amp service upgrades

  • 120 and 240 volt circuit installation and repair

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